Gardens are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. They are no more seen only as an occasional outdoor space for a BBQ party or a convenient sunbathing spot. Their value now truly being recognized as a perfect remedy to our hectic lifestyle. But how to decide on the right style for you? With so many to choose from it is easy to get overwhelmed but here are some

A luxury bathroom is designed to be a relaxing sanctuary in your home. Whether this is a large sprawling space or you are just looking for some ideas for your W/C, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below to find out our top tips for creating the ultimate luxury bathroom! Some tips to creating a luxury bathroom A normal bathroom can look more expensive if you splurge on quality accessories and decor.

Looking for a minimalist yet distinctive and stylish concept for your home office? Then a Scandi design scheme might be the perfect style for you. Defined by its functionality and clutter-free design, Scandi focuses on clean lines and neutral tones whilst retaining a warm and cosy feeling. Typical characteristics of this style include neutral colours (black, white, brown), wooden textures, warm tones and pops of greenery throughout. The main focus when

The basic colour wheel can be divided into two categories; warm and cool. Warm colours remind us of the heat and sunshine, as well as intense emotions like passion and anger - therefore colours we consider warm are red, orange and yellow. On the contrary, we associate cool colours with feelings of calmness and tranquillity (think a blue sea or a green meadow) therefore blue, green and purple shades fall

Whenever you deem it fit to remodel or redesign your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or the entire home, trying an online interior design service could be the best option. This is most suitable for homeowners seeking a professionally designed look for their home without excessive design payment or the high price tag. If you need advice, inspirations, or ideas for your newly proposed interior design, interior design service is an

We were recently featured in The Independent with comments on How to keep your home a cosy haven to boast your wellbeing this winter. Some easy tips that could make our homes a safe and cosy haven. With the additional stress and anxiety of cost of living crisis, our wellbeing and mental health is very important. The challenges that come with this winter season, such as additional stress and increased cost of living,

Interior Decor that offers comfort, warmth, design, and an escape from reality is obviously what most homeowners seek. It is easier said than done, but recreating your home interiors to have that luxury aesthetics is so feasible if only you have the right steps to go about it. While you’re thinking of creating an Ultimate Interior Design, it should also come to your mind that there are a handful of décor

When it comes to kitchen design, creativity and professionalism are the key factors. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, therefore it is expected to be a space that one can enjoy spending time. To make your kitchen suitable to your taste, appropriate designs are required. Aside from installing functioning appliances and furniture, there are decors that can be installed to complement its appearance. KITCHEN DESIGNS

Online Interior Design is an efficient, affordable and easy way for you to work with us offering you interior design services without having to commit to the full design service.   A new trend to stay, Online Interior Design is transforming the way we access interior designers. It’s the perfect combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, and quick process that is applicable to people worldwide regardless of your location. This results in

Summer is here! The change of the season presents a new opportunity to refresh the style of your home and improve its ambience. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 summer interior design trends focused on the outdoors - making the backyard and garden more livable. That hasn’t changed significantly as homeowners are still making the outside of their homes an extension of the inside. As we all look forward to the

Your interior design in your home matters! This is where homeowners can showcase their taste, style, and ideas with interior designs. Each room space deserves to be beautiful, cozy, and comfortable to live in. This is only achievable by trusting your room to the hands of a Professional House Designer who can transform your space with amazing designs and give you Affordable Room Design for your Home. Our process gives you

We are now in the first week of June…meaning Summer has officially begun! Hooray! Summer provides the perfect opportunity to introduce new, fresh ideas and allows you to bring that outdoor revitalising feel into your home. Read on to find out our top tips for decorating your home this summer…. 1. Introduce white into your décor. White is a perfect way to bring a calming, tranquil atmosphere into your home. At House Designer, we

As the New Year 2022 begins, there is nothing more important to interior design enthusiasts than knowing the home design trends to expect in the months ahead. We can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months have in store for home décor. In 2021, it was all about creating a space that reflects our feelings both visually and affectionately as we were forced to slow down and spend more

A good design does not only beautifies your home but also adds value to it. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to significantly increase the value of a home. Your house is probably your primary financial asset. Hence, the opportunity to see a greater return at the point of selling is important. We can argue that the financial aspect is not the only value a good interior design brings. Your home’s

Scandinavian living rooms are known to be clean, minimalistic, and unfussy. They’re distinctive for uncluttered spaces, beautiful elements of nature, minimal décor, and a cosy atmosphere. With the ever-revolving interior décor trends, we know you aim to find a balance between minimalism and luxury for your living room. Creating a functional space that features only a few cherished items is the way to go. If simple aesthetics, clean lines, and open

If you think beige is a boring colour for living room design, it’s high time you changed that thought. From being the most ignored décor colour, Beige has become the new black in interior design due to the recent emergence of neutrals as the most popular tones for home décor. Stepping into a warm, bright living room can be refreshing, which is exactly what a beige colour scheme offers. The beige

Devoting space in your home to serve as a modern cinema room is admirable. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the cinema feeling from the comfort of your home, but also enables you to bond more with your family. Home cinema ideas begin with finding the right space, which is why many homeowners are discouraged when it comes to setting up a home entertainment space. If you do not have

A well-thought-out wall gallery is the new cool arrangement for bedrooms. It is an easy way to elevate the aesthetic appearance of a bedroom. The best gallery walls beautifully combine different eclectic elements to reflect the style of the room and your personal taste. If you’re inspired by wall galleries and looking for the perfect gallery wall ideas for your bedroom, our wall gallery bedroom design is a great option. It

Soft natural open plan living with a hint of colour. The feature wall gives the space some warmth and grey wall colour brings calmness to the room. Spending some money to transform your living room into an attractive, elegant, and exquisite space is a brilliant investment. If you’ve got a big space to play with, maintaining a fresh, modern feel in your open-plan living space with combinations of soft neutrals and