As the New Year 2022 begins, there is nothing more important to interior design enthusiasts than knowing the home design trends to expect in the months ahead. We can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months have in store for home décor. In 2021, it was all about creating a space that reflects our feelings both visually and affectionately as we were forced to slow down and spend more

A good design does not only beautifies your home but also adds value to it. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to significantly increase the value of a home. Your house is probably your primary financial asset. Hence, the opportunity to see a greater return at the point of selling is important. We can argue that the financial aspect is not the only value a good interior design brings. Your home’s

Scandinavian living rooms are known to be clean, minimalistic, and unfussy. They’re distinctive for uncluttered spaces, beautiful elements of nature, minimal décor, and a cosy atmosphere. With the ever-revolving interior décor trends, we know you aim to find a balance between minimalism and luxury for your living room. Creating a functional space that features only a few cherished items is the way to go. If simple aesthetics, clean lines, and open

If you think beige is a boring colour for living room design, it’s high time you changed that thought. From being the most ignored décor colour, Beige has become the new black in interior design due to the recent emergence of neutrals as the most popular tones for home décor. Stepping into a warm, bright living room can be refreshing, which is exactly what a beige colour scheme offers. The beige

Devoting space in your home to serve as a modern cinema room is admirable. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the cinema feeling from the comfort of your home, but also enables you to bond more with your family. Home cinema ideas begin with finding the right space, which is why many homeowners are discouraged when it comes to setting up a home entertainment space. If you do not have

A well-thought-out wall gallery is the new cool arrangement for bedrooms. It is an easy way to elevate the aesthetic appearance of a bedroom. The best gallery walls beautifully combine different eclectic elements to reflect the style of the room and your personal taste. If you’re inspired by wall galleries and looking for the perfect gallery wall ideas for your bedroom, our wall gallery bedroom design is a great option. It

Soft natural open plan living with a hint of colour. The feature wall gives the space some warmth and grey wall colour brings calmness to the room. Spending some money to transform your living room into an attractive, elegant, and exquisite space is a brilliant investment. If you’ve got a big space to play with, maintaining a fresh, modern feel in your open-plan living space with combinations of soft neutrals and

Want a stylish living room on budget? We have designed this living room with items from popular store for under 3K. The living room is one of the most important rooms of a home. Many of us have had the feeling of completely transforming our living room but are hesitant to take on a remodelling project due to the high cost. This has always been the main concern of many

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, you might think it’s time to put off any plans you have for your garden until next year. In fact, now is a great time to plan a new garden, and get it built, planted and ready for next summer. It’s not too late to build  It may be cooler, but the really bad weather won’t arrive until the New Year, and

A powder room is sometimes called a half bath or a guest bathroom / mini bathroom. In many homes, people prefer to position the powder on the first floor, to allow visitors to use the facilities without intruding into their space. A powder room is usually a bathroom with a just sink and toilet with no bathtubs and it is mostly windowless. ORIGIN OF THE TERM The powder room has been around

Your living room is the first thing guests will notice when they come into your home. It is undeniably one of the most important areas of a home, where family members and friends gather to have great conversations. The classy sitting room design style has been the go-to of many homeowners due to its flexibility to reflect personal taste, style, and personality. Classy living rooms are trendy and known for their

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary and a quiet place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. It should be a place that brings you comfort and joy. Hence, you need to make sure it is designed in a suitable and appealing style. If you are thinking of getting a classy, cosy, and comfortable bedroom without breaking the bank, a contemporary bedroom design might be the best option

The Nordic style interior design can be considered as a new approach to the living room decoration. It is very similar to the ever-popular Scandinavian style. The Nordic look is becoming more mainstream and increasingly popular among homeowners due to its simple yet stunning and welcoming appearance. If you want to get a comfortable living room with a soft and relaxing atmosphere, the Nordic chic sitting room design might be the

When you talk about scandi style modern interior design, white, grey, and timber form the base. The fundamentals of a good scandi interior design revolve around clean lines and quality design that stands the test of time and a mix of layers and textures. We designed a scandi style space for a client, believing that a good design is linked to wellness and should be easily accessible to everyone. Hence the

Money has been one of the major hindrances for many homeowners who desire a beautifully curated sitting room. House Designer understands the desire of these homeowners to give their sitting rooms a befitting interior design but restricted by budget. We took it upon ourselves to offer our clients unbeatable sitting room designs at unbelievable pricing. Hence our experts put their creativities into action to design a beautiful sitting room for a client

Imagine your dream kitchen – with bespoke furniture, high-end finishes, unique colors, high-quality appliances – and ultimately at a reduced cost. The latter is perhaps an essential benefit of adequate planning before designing or renovating a kitchen. The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the more expensive rooms to design in a home, but it shouldn’t be a budget breaker. By following expert tips on the ways to save money on

Low maintenance is a term often used when people think about having a garden designed. But what does this actually mean? These days, very few people have the time (let alone the inclination) to spend their evenings and weekends weeding, pruning, dead-heading, and generally micro-managing a labour intensive garden. And of course, there’s absolutely no need for a garden to require that level of attention in order to be both

A new gardening show on BBC Two entitled “Your Garden Made Perfect” came to air recently. It is a show that provides useful garden design ideas through the expertise of four designers who have a knack for green spaces. The tv program, organized by Your Home Made Perfect makers, uses cutting-edge technology and virtual reality to reveal the paradise ordinary gardens could become. Your Garden Made Perfect Architecture House Designer is proud

The Beauty Of Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes  Whether you’re in the middle of renovating your old house or you’re just building a new home, it is very essential that you choose the best materials for Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe And Walk-In Closet. Furnishing the interior part of a home is one of the most important aspect of home interior design. A major furniture or carpentry work in the interior part of a home