Deluxe Interior Package

2D Design Concept

We design a bespoke concept with decor ideas, colour scheme of your space tailored to your style and budget.

Furniture Layout Plan

We plan and design the layout of your room/space with the right sized furniture. Taking the guess work out ensuring all furniture pieces fits your space.


Curated Shopping List

 We create a unique and simple shopping list with all items from your chosen design concept. It comes with embedded links directing you straight to the item; making shopping easy,


2D Visualisation

 Visualise how your room will look with the actual furniture pieces from your design concept.

 3D Render

 We expertly design a 3D visual of your new room. Our renderings are so realistic showing your new room virtually; complete with actual pieces of furniture and detail. Experience your home with virtual interior design. 

Photorealistic 3D Render of Dining

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