We are proud to be a multicultural and diverse team.

What is Design for Diversity?

It is a three-point Pledge covering, Visibility, Opportunity and Accessibility to help the design industry to become diverse. It is a first step to working towards a diverse design industry and giving brands, businesses and bloggers a guideline on areas they can work on.

House Designer x Design for Diversity


We pledge that our channels – our websites, blogs and social media – will at all times endeavour to include people of every colour, gender and sexuality.​


We pledge to seek out Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates to interview for roles that arise in our businesses. We will always hire the best person for the job, but we will endeavour to bring more diverse candidates through the process. We stop short of positive discrimination and we reject tokenism.


We pledge that any events we hold – be they panel discussions or talks, dinners, receptions, or media events – will endeavour to include people of all colours and genders​.

House Designer