What is online garden design?

Online Garden Design is an affordable, efficient and easy way to work with a professional garden designer and landscape architect for your dream garden design regardless of your location. Anytime, anywhere, all online

How much does it cost?

We offer affordable Garden design starting at £399 for a mini makeover and planner, £650 for a small to medium space. And £899 for a large landscape garden. Both small and large garden packages includes a bespoke planting plan.

How Long will it take ?

Depending on the package and complexity of your design. We would have your design concept between 5 working days. On average, the design process from concept to approval of your new garden design takes 10-14 working days

What happens if I don't like my garden design?

We listen to our clients during the initial consultation. We create bespoke garden designs according to your individual style preferences and budget. Your garden designer will revise your design if you are not satisfied. Please contact us

Can you work with my existing plants and garden furniture?

Yes! Of course you can. We ask if you have furniture or plants you would like to keep in your project . Please be sure to share photos of what you would like to keep and we shall incorporate it to your new design

When should I use House Designer?

You can use House Interior Designer’s online garden design whenever you need design help for your garden. We’re here whether you have a quick design question, or want a room or landscape garden designed. No matter what your design needs are, we have a service to fit them.

Can you recommend tradesmen for my garden project?

We may be able to help with tradesmen for your garden construction in the London area. Please contact us

Do I need a site visit?

No, with our remote design process you do not need an actual site visit for your garden design. In some cases, during your consultation we may require a video call (‘virtual’ tour ) to discuss your project with your designer.

Can I use your garden design service if I don’t live in the UK?

YES! Our unique platform offers a virtual service for your home garden; which can be done regardless of your location. We are a professional team of garden designers available to help you archive your dream garden design.