Online Garden Design Package

Mood Board

We design a bespoke concept with a  garden scheme for your space tailored to your style and requirements.

Garden Layout Options

We plan and draw two layout options for your garden. Taking the guess work out by using the dimensions you provide us to scale your space. 

Layout Plan & Material List

 We create a layout plan anointing all sections of the garden. Plants and Furniture also shown in the concept. You will also get a material list of all items and where you can purchase them.It comes with embedded links directing you straight to the item; making shopping easy.

Garden Layout Plan

 Visualise how your final Garden design will look; in a 2D layout

Photo-realistic 3D renderings

 Visualise how your final Garden design will look; in a series of 3D images



Each package, you’ll work with a team of professional designers to create a custom garden design for your unique style. Our team consists of landscape designers & horticulturalist, working cohesively to design a beautiful outdoor space for your unique property.

  • Mini garden design
  • 299 £
    Ideal for help with Garden design ideas and Layout

  • Bespoke Garden concept

    2D Garden Plan

    List of Materials

    Full dimension space planner

    Phone/video consultation

    14 days post design support

  • Small garden design
  • 550 £
    Full Garden design with 3D virtual animation(Up to 350m2)

  • Bespoke garden concept

    2D Garden Plan

    Material and Furniture list

    3D virtual reality walk-through video (60 seconds)

    Full dimension space planner

    Phone/video consultation

    21 days post design support

  • 799 £
    Full Garden design with 3D virtual animation (Up to 650m2)

  • Bespoke garden concept

    2D Landscape Garden plan

    Material and Furniture list

    3D Virtual reality walk-through video (120 seconds)

    Full dimension space Planner

    Phone/video Consultation

    30 days post design support

Landscape Garden Design with Advanced 3D Rendering

A New way to design your Landscape Garden

Beautifully Designed Gardens by House Designer


An online process that is delightfully simple and convenient.


Upload images of the garden space with dimensions or a survey of the space. A rough sketch with measurements is always appreciated.


Important Part….Tell us more about the design you want. Do you want a low maintenance garden? Plants? Decking? Send us some inspiration images of what you would like in your dream garden design.


Our Garden Designers and horticulturist produces an initial Design concept including: Material and planting mood board for your approval. Want to make some minor changes? No problem !


After you have approved all items and layout of the proposed Design intent. We would produce an Advanced virtual walk-through 3D video of your new garden design. Bringing your garden design to life in pioneering HD video.

We also provide drawings, material list and planting plan* for your new garden. Ready for building and construction of your Garden.

Got Questions?
We're all ears (and Answers)

What is online garden design?

Online Garden Design is an affordable, efficient and easy way to work with a professional landscape designer to create your dream garden. You will see exactly how your new garden will look in 3D; avoiding costly mistake during construction.

How much does it cost?

We offer a 3 tier pricing structure starting from £299 for a mini to £550 medium space. And £799 for a large landscape garden.

How Long will it take ?

Depending on the package and complexity of your design. We would have your design concept between 3 – 5 working days. On average, the design process from concept to approval and then 3D visualisation takes 7-10 working days

What happens if I don't like my garden design?

We listen to our clients during the initial consultation. We create bespoke garden designs according to your individual style preferences and budget. Your garden designer will revise your design if you are not satisfied. Please contact us 

Can you work with my existing plants and garden furniture?

Yes! Of course you can. We ask if you have furniture or plants you would like to keep in your project . Please be sure to share photos of what you would like to keep and we shall incorporate it to your new design

When should I use House Designer?

You can use House Interior Designer’s online garden design whenever you need design help for your garden. We’re here whether you have a quick design question, or want a room or landscape garden designed. No matter what your design needs are, we have a service to fit them.

Can you recommend tradesmen for my garden project?

We may be able to help with tradesmen in the London area. Please contact us 

Do I need a site visit?

No, with our remote design process you do not need an actual site visit. In some cases, during your consultation we may require a video call (‘virtual’ tour ) to discuss your project with your designer.

Can I use your garden design service if I don’t live in the UK?

YES! Our unique design platform offers a virtual service for your home and garden; which can be done anywhere regardless of your location. We are a professional team of interior & garden designers available to help you archive your dream home.