Home Staging & Styling Services

Home staging is the process of styling a property to sell or rent. It enhances the best features, maximising the space and removing negative features to help the property sell or rent faster at a better price.

  • Declutter and Organise
  • Home Makeover
  • Home Styling after online interior design
  • Furniture Installation
  • Furniture Rental

Did you know?

Real Design Stories

At House Designer, we are dedicated to helping homeowners maximise profits by creating beautiful and appealing homes to attract buyers or tenants and increase the potential of the homes. We Design to attract.

The way a home is presented to the public for either renting or sale determines the value of the property to potential buyers or tenants and how soon the property would be out of the market. Home staging and styling has proven to be an effective method to beautifully present a home to potential buyers or tenants. People are more attracted to aesthetically appealing homes, which means for a quicker sale, you should consider home staging and styling.

Most potential buyers or tenants want a home they can emotionally connect with immediately. This means the presentation of your property in the marketing material would determine how quickly a deal would be gotten for your home and at what price. In essence, not investing in staging in a home can significantly affect the final sales or lease price of such property.

Our commitment as a professional interior design company is to create the “perfect home”.  We have the right skill, knowledge, and experience to transform your home space into an attractive, interesting, unique, and pleasing piece. Our team of home stagers and stylists will carefully transform your space with an intriguing selection of perfect accessories to promote the lifestyle it has to offer and encourage customers to visualise the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer.

Let us make your property ready for listing today through our professional home staging and styling service to get the best sales value for your property within the shortest possible time.

Furniture Assemble & Installation

Take the hassle out of assemblying flat pack furniture. You can have a two man team help you professionally put all your furniture items together and place the items for you. This service is swift and efficient, making things easy for you in your new home.

Providing a quick and easy solution for all your flat-packing needs.  Save yourself the time, frustration and get your flatpack assembled by the professionals.

Affordable Interior Design Services


House Designer offers interior design services for your home whatever your style, budget, needs and wants. Prices from £299 per room, our designers work with you to create a beautiful space within your home.

Whether you need help designing a room or an entire house; our Interior Designers can take any style challenge. Work with a professional and dedicated team to create the beautiful home you desire. Online Interior design is affordable, efficient and easy.

Want to discuss your project?

What is Home Staging?

Home staging and styling is the process of preparing a home for sale or rent by highlighting its best features to attract potential customers. .

Why Should I Stage My Home?

The appearance of a home in any marketing material is key to attracting buyers or potential tenants. Home staging offers a simple but impressive way to prepare your property to make it pleasing and appealing to potential customers. Through the right accessories and staging skills, your home would be able to highlight what it has to offer.

Can I use my existing furniture?

Yes, you can. We also help you purchase or rent the right selection of furniture to stage your home and quickly transform it into a more impressive space, but if you’ll like to use your furniture, we can work with it to create an alluring look for your property. 

How Long will it take ?

Pricing from £65 per hour. We also offer custom pricing which is reflective of your home’s needs, level of staging required, and the size of your property. If you’ll like to get a free assessment and quote to stage your home, kindly get in contact  with us.

How do I get started?

To get started with your Home Staging and Styling Project,  Please contact us

Will my designer stay within my budget?

Yes, our designers keep your budget in mind when selecting furniture and accessories for your home interior project.

When should I use House Designer?

You can use House Designer whenever you need interior design help for your home. We’re here whether you have a quick design question, or want a whole room designed. No matter what your design needs are, we have a service to fit them.

Can you recommend tradesmen for my project?

We may be able to help. Please contact us 

Do you come to my property?

This service can be done virtually (online) and also we can provide full service design at your property

Is there a minimum spend on furniture that I must commit to?

There is no minimum spend. Your interior designer would work within your budget to create a stylish home decor for your project. You can set your furniture/accessories budget for your room wherever you feel comfortable.