Personal Shopping Service

No minimum spend

Our personal shopping service offers a truly bespoke experience saving you time and money.

The service requires no minimum spend or additional costs; our design team can assist you with almost anything you require.

We help you find the best deals, shop within your budget and source only the best quality items for you.


Get the best deal

Unlike many other interior designers, we never mark up the prices of the furniture or decor we recommend.

Quality Suppliers

From handmade artisans to renowned brands. Our team of personal shoppers negotiates on behalf of our clients for the best prices as well as exclusive discounts.

Easy Delivery Scheduling

House Designer takes the stress of out furniture shopping by processing your orders and scheduling deliveries for you. We understand your time is valuable.

Home visit

We offer Professional Interior Design services including Home visits for Residential projects.

Your House Designer will have a consultation with you in the comfort of your home, take photographs of your space, measurements and discuss your interior design project with you in great detail.


We offer personalised shopping experience tailored to your needs.


We source quality items from well known brands and retailers. 


We pass exclusive trade discounts to our clients.