Luxurious Kitchen Design featuring white marble in an open plan

Creating a truly luxurious cooking and tasting space is many homeowners’ dream. A luxury kitchen design incorporates top quality products to give your space a modern refresh and charming appearance.

Many kitchens offer white and chrome features but do not boast a touch of marble and other luxurious decoration elements. This white kitchen breaks it up, featuring white-streaked marble with custom kitchen cabinets. There is nothing like marble to introduce a kitchen classic.

The attention to detail throughout the design is amazing, including the richly finished wood flooring, beautiful ornaments, unique grey bar stools, suspended pendant for artificial lighting, and a large window serving as source of natural light. The beautifully beamed ceiling in this spacious kitchen is hard to ignore and not appreciate as well.

This is a perfect design for homeowners who wants a luxurious and stylish kitchen. We can help bring this design to life in your space if you’re feeling inspired by it. Speak to us today.


House Designer