Minimalistic Scandi Reception Room Design

What does Minimalism mean to you? Minimalistic interior design doesn’t mean boring or inexpensive furniture. It simply means ‘Less is More’.

We have designed this simple yet stunning living room in white, eggshell and wood. Subtle textures make the space come alive.

Minimalism itself is rooted in the principle of clutter free and simple living habits. The decor style takes inspiration from art and architecture. The founders of minimalism were artists. In the 1960s, this movement De Stijl, was popular and was often described as sculptural style.

Clean Lines and Quality furniture pieces were chosen for this living room.

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Home decor incorporating wooden Scandinavian furniture and neutral colour palettes, flecked with pop of colourful accessories.

Elegant ceramic vases and cushions with geometric patterns add subtle texture to the home.

This project was designed using our online interior design service with the Deluxe interior design package. Our photorealistic 3D rendering brings the design to life.
Our clients are extremely happy with this amazing design and the Interior design services by House Designer.

The interior also prides itself on innovative and functional design. Storage is wisely implemented in the form of cabinets and shelving. Decor is intentional with a “less is more” keeping spaces looking clean and visually relaxing.


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Work with House Designer in your style and budget.

Our online interior design process is created to help you maximise your decorating budget and avoid costly mistakes. We offer transparent pricing giving you professional guidance for a flat fee. We pioneer design technology giving our clients photo-realistic 3D rendering of your new room allowing you to see exactly how your room will look. You will receive anointed layout plan detailing where items are placed in your room design; along with an easy shopping list showing you how much each item costs before you make the final decision on what to purchase Furniture items.



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