Sophisticated Bedroom Design with neutral colours

Layering is an interior designer’s key to creating a luxurious and sophisticated bedroom. We opted for a bespoke bed to create a centerpiece for this room. From there, we surrounded the space with luxury textures – Egyptian cotton bed linen, sumptuous throws, pillows and rugs – all set under a canopy of soft lighting that create the setting for this sophisticated bedroom design.

We enjoyed working on this luxury interior design project. Our Design team designed a bespoke Headboard/Wall panel for the bedroom. We also recommended fitted wardrobes for our clients with seamless bespoke cabinetry. The space has plenty of small details to consider with a stylish Dressing table, velvet ottoman for personal mementos are all key elements for creating this sophisticated bedroom sanctuary.


Our clients are very pleased with this amazing design and Interior design service by House Designer.


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House Designer