Powder room wall art ideas

A powder room is sometimes called a half bath or a guest bathroom / mini bathroom. In many homes, people prefer to position the powder on the first floor, to allow visitors to use the facilities without intruding into their space. A powder room is usually a bathroom with a just sink and toilet with no bathtubs and it is mostly windowless.


The powder room has been around since the 18th century, usually, it is a closet-sized room where people used to apply extra powder to their wig, hence where the name ” powder room” originated from. Some folks still prefer to call it Half bath” where women use the phrase “powdering your nose” as a euphemism.

In the 1700s of Europe, one of the most luxurious and classy things the elites possessed apart from their wardrobe was a fashionable powdered wig. During that time, indoor plumbing was not common and the term “Toilet” was not for washing the body but rather getting their wig and nose powdered. So much importance was attached to fashion and the elites of pre-revolutionary France placed more value and importance on their social life that it was highly necessary to have a Powder room solely devoted to where people go to powder their wig.  Even when in-door plumbing became popular the name powder room stuck.

Wall art

Although the powder room might not be one of the popular rooms in most homes, designers and decorators share the belief that this space is worth decorating. They believe graphic wallpapers, and also wall arts are a fair game given that you’re not taking care of wetness from a bathtub or shower, it’s the best chance to try out vibrant colors as well as elegant mirrors, illumination, as well as fixtures.


Decorating a powder room with a modern touch yet efficient can be quite tricky. Adding some subtle professional touches can create a lot of impact on the aesthetic appeal of the room. Some key elements need to be properly put in place to make a statement with your powder room. Add an accent wall with contrasting effects, then shelving is crucial in decorating a powder room, with good shelving you can store bathroom essentials and also decorate with a good plant to add a soothing touch. Mirrors are very essential as it helps disperse light, and lastly don’t forget the appeal of beautiful wall art to compliment the other accessories.

Powder wall art

However, there are easy ways to decorate the walls of your powder room without going outside your budget. You can use wallpapers, framed prints, and murals to design the walls of your powder room. Then, if you need to create a classy look try a modern vanity countertop, faucet, and lighting fixture in your powder room. Also, the powder room sensational wall art canvas from ElephantStock plus a good ceiling treatment will give your powder room the aesthetic appeal and charm it deserves.

Without the dampness and moisture from a shower to bother with, you can display a vintage wall surface art powder surge. Ideal for filling a narrow span of wall, their exquisite piece complements the great lighting of a modern powder room without changing the aesthetic look but rather making it look more glamorous.

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