SHOP THE LOOK – Nordic Chic Sitting Room Design

The Nordic style interior design can be considered as a new approach to the living room decoration. It is very similar to the ever-popular Scandinavian style. The Nordic look is becoming more mainstream and increasingly popular among homeowners due to its simple yet stunning and welcoming appearance.

If you want to get a comfortable living room with a soft and relaxing atmosphere, the Nordic chic sitting room design might be the perfect option for you. Below is the Nordic style living room we designed for a client.

The sitting room background is warm off-white hues. We applied minimalist concepts and simple décor ideas to create the relaxing atmosphere the owner wants. We opted for more colours from champagne to beige, and all-white curtains were added to bring balance to the warm neutral colours.

The choice of modern sofa and other materials such as soft luxurious throws, rustic wood tables, flower vases, wall drawing, lightening, and Moroccan sheepskin rug is sweet and elegant for the living room.

This living room style can serve you many different functions, from a formal sitting room area to a casual living space. If you would like to get this living room design style, you can shop the look by contacting us today.

New Nordic design is all about having a fresh and new direction which is focused on textures, earthy pigments, sculptural shapes, and warm atmospheres…


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