SHOP THE LOOK: Scandi open plan design with a splash of colour

Scandinavian living rooms are known to be clean, minimalistic, and unfussy. They’re distinctive for uncluttered spaces, beautiful elements of nature, minimal décor, and a cosy atmosphere.

With the ever-revolving interior décor trends, we know you aim to find a balance between minimalism and luxury for your living room. Creating a functional space that features only a few cherished items is the way to go. If simple aesthetics, clean lines, and open space resonate with you, the Nordic Scandinavian open plan design might be ideal for you. This design concept is all about finding a simplified way to beautify your space.

We have designed a Scandinavian open-plan interior to make your living room look bold and cluster-free. This modern Scandi living room features simple yet stylish materials. We introduced a neutral colour scheme with functional furniture, beautiful curtains, and indoor plants to accentuate the beauty of the living room. The intelligent use of artificial lights adds a lot of vibrancy and positivity to the space.

If you want a Scandi open plan design for your living room, we can help bring this elegant interior design to life in your space. Contact us today.

2021 1360 House Designer